Afforestation in Campotto

myclimate | This project includes the afforestation on the Adriatic coast in Italy.

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Forestry and Land Use




€66 / tonne

Between Ravenna and Ferrara, on the Adriatic coast, stretches the vast protected area of the Po Delta. The "Parco del Delta del Po Emilia Romagna” is the largest regional park in Italy and includes the largest protected wetland system in the country. The Po Delta Park is also a UNESCO biosphere reserve. The park provides a habitat for hundreds of plants and animal species. Over 350 different bird species, e.g. flamingos nest or spend the winter here. The project supports afforestation measures in Campotto, a territory belonging to the park area where 3 ha where reforested with different tree species such as silver poplars, black alders, oaks and white willows.

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