Circular Economy Through Plastic Recycling in Romania

myclimate | This carbon offset project promotes the recycling of used PET bottles and other plastic waste. The PET flakes and granulate obtained from the recycling process are reused, for example, in the packaging industry or for insulation in the construction sector. As a result, resources are saved and the burden on the climate is reduced.

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In Europe, 29 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced each year; and this number continues to increase. Only 32 per cent of this is recycled, almost 40 per cent is burned to generate energy. A further quarter, that is over 7 million tonnes, ends up in landfill sites - precious resources, which can no longer be used and are hardly biodegradable.

Plastic recycling creates jobs in Romania. Since 2003, GreenTech Romania has been working on increasing the plastic recycling capacity in Buzu, north-east of Bucharest. From the once small factory with a capacity of 12, 000 tonnes of plastic recycling per year, a modern business group has developed, which, with a capacity of 100 000 tonnes per year, produces recycled PET flakes, PET strapping and PET granulate. These products are used in the automotive and construction sectors and in the manufacture of hygiene products and filters.

With income from the sale of carbon credits, they plan to establish capacities for the professional recycling of hazardous waste materials, such as e-waste or medical waste, which do not yet exist in Romania. In addition, the development of recycling activities in other regions of Romania and Eastern Europe is planned in order to promote the collection, separation and recycling of plastic waste in the spirit of a circular economy. GreenTech is the first and only recycling company in Europe to have its activities as a carbon offset project certified by GoldStandard. The company and its employees take particular pride in their role as pioneers and ambassadors.

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