GoodShipping Sustainable Biofuel for Shipping

GoodShipping | Using sustainable biofuels reduces emissions in the transportation industry directly. With the power of carbon insetting, businesses around the world can achieve their climate goals and create sustainable, long-term change in the transportation industry.

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The Netherlands

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This project aims to accelerate the transition to low-carbon transport by increasing the use of biofuels in the industry. GoodShipping is a decarbonization initiative that offers companies – worldwide and of all sizes – the opportunity to make their transportation carbon-neutral by substituting fossil fuels with sustainable advanced fuels. GoodShipping enables to reduce emissions inside the shipping sector, not outside; an innovative approach called carbon insetting.

By facilitating a fuel switch to sustainable biofuels - which are from third-party verified sustainable waste and residual streams – GoodShipping is making an immediate impact in reducing the carbon footprint and accelerates the energy transition of transportation. Acknowledging the fact that all ship emissions enter the same atmosphere, GoodShipping believes that it does not matter for our climate where or in which ship biofuel is replacing fossil fuel. In this way, a flexible but effective way to reduce the emissions from cargo shipments is offered. Within this system and on the principle of mass balance, customers do not have to change the current logistics operations of their business by ensuring that their goods are physically shipped on a low emission vessel. The whole process is audited at least once a year by an external auditor.

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