Photovoltaik Solar Project in Mauritius

Carbonsink | The project relies on the use of solar energy through photovoltaic conversion technology to generate electricity that is fed into the Mauritius grid.

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Renewable Energy




€6 / tonne

This project includes a site that extends over an area of 21 ha currently under sugar cane cultivation to the West of Henrietta, for construction of a 17.53 MW solar PV. It involves the setting up of photovoltaic (PV) panels which will capture solar energy and produce clean electricity for export to the national grid. Electricity in Mauritius is mainly generated from coal and heavy fuel oil, which is the baseline scenario prior to the implementation of the project activity leading to considerable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The project activity undertaken by legally authorised vehicle Akuo Energy (Mauritius) Limited ("Akuo") will therefore substitute grid electricity by renewable energy and cut down GHG emissions.

The project is one of the first large-scale solar PV power plants on the island and will generate approximately 25,639 t CO2e emission reductions peryear and 179,471 t CO2e of emission reductions over the 7 years crediting period. It enables the following Mauritius sustainable development.

In line with the objectives of the Government of Mauritius Long Term Energy Strategy 2009-2025, and the CEB's Request for Proposal (Procurement Reference No. OAB-CPR-3982), the project is expected to contribute about 1% of the share of Renewable Energy into the Mauritius energy mix.

Photovoltaic electricity generation avoids the harmful atmospheric emissions associated with burning fossil fuels, and reduces environmental impacts associated with the transportation of fossil fuels to Mauritius. During the construction phase; 200 workers are expected on site during peak activities; 30% of them will be skilled expatriates in the field of renewable energy and this will thereby favour the transfer of knowledge to the local workers.

The promoters intend to reconcile energy and agricultural production that are best suited to the site conditions. At Henrietta it is proposed to operate a sheep rearing / lamb production unit and to introduce bee keeping within the boundary of the site. Both of these initiatives offer clear environmental benefits which will work in harmony with the principle goal of producing clean energy.

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