Wonderbag Project: A recipe for social change

Climate Neutral Group | Most households in South Africa cook on electric stoves. Connected to the national grid powered by coal, they contribute to GHG emissions. Wonderbag is a non-electric heat retention cooker: after boiling, it cooks for up to 12h without additional energy and saves up to half a tonne of CO2 per year per household.

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Formed in 2007, Natural Balance Global Pty (Ltd) is a South African social enterprise that owns, manufactures, and distributes Wonderbags throughout the world. In South Africa, Natural Balance has registered the Wonderbag Project as a carbon offset project, unique to any other carbon offset project in the world.

The most common way of cooking in South Africa, a country with good grid connectivity, is with an electric stove. However, because the bulk of its electrical power is generated from coal, cooking in this way has a high carbon footprint.

Cooking with a Wonderbag significantly reduces cooking times and energy use, leading to electricity savings and the reduction of emissions. It also prevents the use of other polluting and dirty energy sources like charcoal, gas, paraffin, and wood, which also drives down greenhouse gas emission.

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