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Transparency is important to us. We show exactly where every cent of the offset cost goes.

Offset costs


per ton of CO2

Squake fee


per transaction

Example calculations
Road offset

Rent out a van and let customers offset its carbon impact.


900 km

Fuel efficiency

9.5 l / 100 km



Carbon impact

271 kg

Cost to offset


Squake fee


Total cost


Travel bundle offset

Sell a travel bundle and let clients reduce their emissions.


Berlin to Barcelona

Transportation type



4 stars

Carbon impact

 305 kg

Cost to offset


Squake fee


Total cost


Shipment offset

Ship a container and offset its emissions.


Rotterdam to Shanghai

Shipment type

Dry container cargo

Shipment weight

400 kg

Carbon impact

407 kg

Cost to offset


Squake fee


Total cost


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