We enable DIB Travel to offer all clients transparent CO2 emission calculations

DIB Travel is a travel management tool for time efficient travel planning that stands out through top-tier customer support as well as an enjoyable, easy and convenient service experience. The SQUAKE API provides real time carbon emission calculation, available for DIB Travel customers.

  • High API fit for travel management platforms
  • Seamless integration of CO2 tracking into the booking flow

DIB Travel's all-in-one platform offers users quick and easy business travel bookings for flights, train rides and accommodation all in one app. Time savings, ease of use and transparent Co2 emission calculations makes DIB Travel a unique player.

SQUAKE helps DIB Travel to offer precise and real time carbon emissions tracking on all of their travel offerings. DIB Travel has taken a step towards becoming a sustainable mobility platform by leveraging the SQUAKE carbon API that offers flexible, seamless and fast integration.