We work with Quicargo to develop state-of-the-art sustainable trucking solutions

Quicargo connects shippers and carriers in the road freight industry via its online platform and develops an innovative solution to provide sustainable shipment options to its customers.

  • Implementation of local compensation projects into Quicargo’s platform ecosystem via the SQUAKE API
  • Mutual development of innovative product offerings that deliver more value to the environment and shippers

SQUAKE and Quicargo are working together to develop sustainable product solutions for pallet and parcel transport services booked via the Quicargo platform. By filling up empty truck spaces through bookings via Quicargo, significant amounts of CO2 are already being saved today. This partnership builds the basis for the next bold step in Quicargo’s sustainability strategy to offer entirely sustainable transport options in the future.

Shippers using Quicargo will be given the chance to compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions with a handpicked selection of local climate projects or reduce their emissions through sustainable fuels via the SQUAKE API.

SQUAKE allows all processes, from compensation processing to the creation of certificates, to run fully automated. This partnership represents a meaningful step towards a more sustainable road freight sector and encourages the industry to join on this journey.

Learn more about Quicargo’s offering here.