We enable Viatu to calculate and offset the carbon emissions for all trips

Viatu is a travel startup, focused on sustainable travel. With their innovative trip builder, they allow travellers to book their whole itinerary in one place. 100% of the unavoidable carbon emissions are offset on behalf of their customers through the SQUAKE API integration.

  • Full transparency over carbon footprint for the trip, including transportation and accommodation
  • 100% carbon offsetting of unavoidable emissions by default

Viatu offers travellers unforgettable experiences in sustainable destinations. While traveling connects cultures and enriches lives, it still has a carbon impact on the environment.

Viatu uses SQAUKE’s API to dynamically calculate and offset the carbon footprint of its travelers with certified, local projects in the destination. The growing range of available projects throughout SQUAKE helps Viatu in their ambitions to offer sustainable travel globally - no matter where they go.

Find out more about Viatu and its sustainable travel offerings here.