How we are shaping the future of the industry

Climate goals, once considered optional features,
 now have become indispensable, non-negotiable components


We create positive Carbon Emission Impact

With extensive experience in the industry, our founders,
Dan Kreibich and Philipp von Lamezan, recognize the significant challenge faced by sustainability and business managers worldwide: achieving their climate's targets.

Carbon topics can sound very complex. Requirements are evolving rapidly, and the companies leading the charge in sustainability aren’t just trendsetters; they’re shaping the future of the market.

That's the inspiration behind SQUAKE – empowering companies to transform carbon targets into reality with proven expertise and a trusted solution.


We make carbon visible
Billions of datapoint calculated for our clients


We provide carbon access
A whole market available through SQUAKE


We enable carbon reduction
Tons of carbon compensated with our solutions
Natalie Estment

At SQUAKE we partner with large corporations to early start ups, acting as trusted advisors with world class tech helping to solve our partners CO₂ related challenges with ease.

Natalie Estment
Head of Partnerships

We drive the development
of innovative Carbon solutions, enabling partners towards an optimised supply of high quality carbon credits.

David Lourens
Head of Carbon Solutions & Procurement
David Lourens

Our attributes

Client centered
We create tailor-made solutions by understanding  the problem of our clients from their perspective
Count on a dedicated team of sustainability experts committed to provide you the latest solutions
Best in tech
Our solutions effortlessly blend into your structure, whether it's complex integrations or self-service needs
We are ISO certified and commited to ensuring the highest standards of information and data security

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